Week 1 — Couldn’t avoid anymore!

First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mike and Valerie Stewart for recommending MKMMA to me. I almost missed this opportunity because when Mike has sent me the link to listen to Mark’s three videos; somehow I couldn’t manage to get the right video. I met Mike and Valerie again on September 22nd. That night I came back home and listened to the three video and immediately paid my $1. And the next morning, I was stressed out because I received email said it was the last day of registration. I was afraid that I might have not been able to do and get all requirements before submitting the application.

I immediately ordered two copies of the books “The Greatest Salesman in the world”, and another copy on Kindle. I then went shopping in between my busy day to buy all required stuff the binders, color pencils, index cards. And I then did the color test, signed up for Twitter a/c… Finally, I was able to submit my application on Wednesday 23rd around 7 pm (PDT). After all I had to go for a walk to release my stress. The Sunset was spectacular; the sky was full of pink on that evening. I felt like it was a big reward for me; I began to smile and laugh – how fortunate for me to live in the Central Coast CA.

on the 27th, around 12:30 pm, I had a mix feeling of excitement and nervousness while I was waiting for the webinar began. The three hours of the webinar was very long, plus after hearing the homework — writing a blog, I was completely overwhelmed. I have been avoiding writing a blog for years. Since I was young, my essay subject was not motivating me at all. I don’t like writing and I don’t write my journal.

On the other hand, I have joined a new group of meditation on Sunday evening a week ago. I felt that it was perfect. Sunday seems to be my best day so far because I ride my bike in the morning, attend the webinar after lunch, and then practice meditation in the evening. Cool!       

Sunday night, I read the scroll one from my iPad, it took me forever because the screen is small and I couldn’t enlarge it, plus there were so many new words that I don’t know the meanings. But, I made it anyway. Yesterday I met Mike and Valerie again; Mike helped me set up Kindle on my laptop. A big thank to Mike again, last night I enjoyed reading the Scroll one.

I was able to finish my first draft of DMP and submit it yesterday.

Congratulations Nisa! This is my first blog…Hooray!!!


4 thoughts on “Week 1 — Couldn’t avoid anymore!

  1. Carolynn Sokil

    YES! Congratulations Nisa! Exciting times! Your enthusiasm shines through in your words. Am excited to be able to read about your journey through the next 6 months. Sending you an abundance of blessings!


  2. sweetrenewoil

    Nisa, you are VERY welcome!! I am so glad we were able to meet up that Tuesday and encourage you to watch the initial three videos. I know we are going to have a wonderful experience over the next few months and I’m glad we will be traveling this road together.



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