Week 2 — Appreciation

It was a busy week. Finally, I was able to submit my revised Dharma to my Master Key Master Guide yesterday evening. After sitting in front of a computer for a long time, I felt a lot of tension on my neck and my head. I then gave myself a reward by walking to the beach. Surprisingly, there was nobody there, even though the Sunset  just was half an hour ago. But the beautiful light orange at the horizontal was still there. The ocean was slightly calm, the wave slowly hit to the shore. The breeze made me feel refresh. I took the opportunity to swing my arms, and then practiced saying out loud “I promise ….” I felt very good. I think I would like to do it again tomorrow and I will make sure that I would say it louder…  

This week I felt less overwhelmed than last week. The homework is still challenging. I wished I could read and write faster. So far I enjoyed reading the Scroll one.

Last year I had an intention to polish my English by reading out loud. Due to my procrastination, I only repeated my intention quietly (… I am reading out loud) once a day. I did practice reading out loud once in awhile. Amazingly, since last week I have been reading out loud daily, I am very happy with it. I was aware that many words I still pronounce them with my old pattern. I have the urge to correct and pronounce those words correctly. Due to the time constraint, I chose to practice only for some words. I still couldn’t give this practice into my high priority at this moment. I wished I could immediately download the correct IPA spell pronunciation patterns and replaced it in my memory. And I could activate my childhood speech ability to be able to imitate the same sounds instantly when I listen to the local speakers speak. Maybe I might need to add this intention into my practice.

Even though many times I am impatient with my English, I need to remind myself to stop criticizing myself. I must appreciate and give myself a credit that how far I have been improved and achieved without putting much effort into polishing my English. I would like to take this opportunity to express my since thanks to Cheryl Dougan who has taught me the basic of consonants and vowels sounds a few years ago.

I love and miss you, Cheryl!! Nisa


6 thoughts on “Week 2 — Appreciation

  1. Carolynn Sokil

    Wonderful Nisa! Reading aloud has so much impact not only on our subby but our confidence of speech. Our 10 year old son is reading the scrolls aloud each evening and I’ve seen the impact already. You’ve got this!



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