Week 3 — Happy Raindrops

Yesterday around 1 pm the rain was pouring while I was driving home. It was big happy raindrops. I was very happy I began to hum, yell, and dance till I arrived home. When I work up this morning I discovered that it rained last night as well.

Thanks to the rain, even though I slept only 5 hours, this morning I awoke early as usual  with vitally and enthusiasm. I did my daily routine of exercise and meditation, and I immediately finished the third revision of my Dharma,    

This week I would like to give my special thanks to two persons: (1) Keren McRichmond, ACB,CL, contest chair at Toastmaster International District 33 — Division E Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contest, invited me to give an 2-3 minutes inspirational speech on last Saturday, the 10th; (2) Rachel Mendoza who recommended to me about Nelson Mandela. I was excited that I had an opportunity to practice my serene confidence in front of about 60 audiences. What kind of leader was Nelson Mandela?  Zelda la Grange, Nelson Mandela’s personal assistant for almost two decades who said Mandela’s exceptionalism was because “he inspired people to forgive, to reconcile, to be selfless and tolerant and to maintain dignity no matter what the circumstances.”

Last Sunday, Mark J suggested to us that we spend 5 minutes to grieve  and let go every day. I am fortunate to have loving parents, and I am always grateful that my parents had transmitted their powerful forgiveness patterns to me. Since 1995 I has experienced how to grieve effective, I noticed that my willingness to forgive myself and others would automatically happen instantly and effortlessly. It is similars to when I am laughing, my body automatically releases endorphin. I then feel happy and joyful; my confidence increases.

Even though reading is still challenging, I haven’t been able to read as fast as I wanted to, but I enjoy reading aloud. It helps me concentrate. I like to stand when I read out loud so I can express by make gestures to emphasize my emotions. I have fun with it.


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