Week 4 — Fun to observe

Listening is one of my good habits. I like listening to music, radio, and motivational audiobook and talk. Once I learned that Master Key Master Mind Alliance has provided audio to support the reading assignment. I listen to them everyday; and I like most is the week 3 audio which there is only one person voice. I felt Devene  Januszewski ’s voice is calm and soothing me, and I kept looking for the week 4 audio. Yesterday when I saw that the week 4 audio was available, I was so excited, and guess what? I didn’t hear the soothing voice. My ears was immediately shut down and I felt disappointed because I had the expectation that the week 4 would have been the same quality of voice that I like. Fortunate, I was able to eliminate my emotions with my favorite tool EFT Tapping right away. This morning I listened to the same week 4 audio again, and I gave myself “hi 5” because  I was able to focus on listening. There was no unpleasant thoughts interfere me. It was good lesson of letting go of expectation.

So far I like the assignment of 4 promising of giving and receiving, and spending 5 minutes to grieve and let go everyday. This afternoon, my friend and I attempted to help her mother who got stuck in the room where she was rearranging her furnitures, and one big cabinet blocked the door. Her mother is a strong woman and doesn’t like to ask for help. When we arrived.She was in an anger mode and rejected our offer to help her. She even yelled at us “go away”. We stepped back and let her cool down for a while. We then went back to the room again and talked to her with love. Finally she accepted our help. “I promise to give hope for joy, affluence, kindness and love, consciously with every encounter, regardless of the brevity.”

Last month I attended a meditation retreat leaded by a teacher named Steve Armstrong. Steve gave a Dhamma talk how to grieve effectively. I considered that this year is my cleansing year. In the past nine months there were many sad things happened to me one after one. I would like to take this moment to thank you to whoever gave me the opportunity to practice how to grief properly. It was difficult at that moment but after letting go, It was very beautiful and powerful. I felt stronger and nothing can shake my core. I want to thank a thousand times to my parents, teachers, and supporters who gave me a great foundation of love and confidence. I am learning and growing everyday.


6 thoughts on “Week 4 — Fun to observe

  1. dbernstrom

    Yes yes yes Nisa! “parents, teachers, and supporters who gave me a great foundation of love and confidence” I have goosebumps as I remember all those in my life especially my parents! Thank you!!!


    1. Nisa Post author

      Thanks Dave!!! and I have come across with this message (I forgot to keep the name of a person who wrote this — thank you anyway), and I like it very mush and I would like to share on my blog:

      “In fact, you demonstrate your strength best when you bend in the breeze like a supple willow tree while holding onto your position with confidence.”

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Nisa Post author

      a million thanks Carolynn for your kind support!!! I am still very slow in response… I feel like I haven’t been able to manage my time wisely. I need to create a new habit of managing time wisely. any suggestions?


  2. EurekaBizMKMMA

    Nisa, I enjoyed reading all posts on your blog today. Your sweet spirit shines through everything you write! Thanks for sharing the experience you had with listening to Mark J’s recording of the Master Key System Part 4. You helped me realize that letting go of expectations is a good habit I want to form.



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