Week 5: Hmm, it’s challenging…


This week exercise is to practice “No Opinion”. I might be able to share my opinion If someone asks me “what is your opinion?” When I heard Mark J. assigned us this assignment on Sunday. I felt that this exercise would be easy for me because I love listening than talking. After the webinar, I attended my group meditation as usual. During the break, I had to laugh at myself once I caught myself giving my opinion about the ScareCrow festival in Cambria. The next day I was able to catch myself that I had the urge to share my opinion, and I chose to zip my mouth. There were several times a day I noticed that I had silent opinions… ha ha… This morning when I had a business meeting; and I had a debating in my head whether I needed to apply this “no opinion exercise” right now…. I have to give a credit to myself as well. There were several good moments I noticed that I did a good job with no opinions. It was fun to observe myself and it helped me cultivate my self-awareness. I love this exercise.

I even love more about the 7 laws of the mind because some of them like the law of forgiveness, substitution, and relaxation I have been practicing and made me feel that I am on the right track.

Finally I have finished my DMP after receiving kind support from my Master Guide – Thank you very much Carolynn Sokil!


6 thoughts on “Week 5: Hmm, it’s challenging…

  1. dbernstrom

    Yes!! the silent opinions! I will watch for that in myself as well. I am happy for you Nisa! Congratulations on completing your DMP!!!



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