Week 6 –The Greatest of Love

I love reading the Scroll II (Mandino, Og (2011-01-05). The Greatest Salesman in the World, , p. 52) “I will greet this day with love in my heart” very much because the content of this chapter has helped me reinforce my practice. I had an opportunity to practice loving kindness in 1995 and the result was amazing. I so thrilled with it. Since then I have been practicing this remarkable tool…. I would like to thank to my lovely sister, Usanee, who inspired me to practice this loving kindness.  My version of loving kindness is to acknowledge my unpleasant emotions, then eliminate that emotion one by one with Emotional Freedom Techniques,  then forgive myself and others, and then send whoever triggered me my happy love. If I still feel unhappy, I won’t send anyone love…

In 2011 I was introduced to “ho’oponopono” by my wonderful teacher, Wendy at Antioch, Santa Barbara. I consider that ho’oponopono is a shortcut of my loving kindness.Whenever I interact with someone and I feel that that person is in a difficulty situation, I would visualize the power of ho’ oponopono to that person.

This week I practiced addressing silently “I Love You” (p.61), I experienced my physiology has immediately shifted to a happy mode. It is very powerful in a different purpose of using ho’ oponopono. I posted the picture even the food gave me love…ha ha.. IMG_0382The other day I almost finished my breakfast I saw the heart and I found that it was the skin of almond nut. It’s super cool!!! I love you my delicious food!!!

When I read up to “If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone (p.62).” I recalled that around three years ago, at one of my meditation groups, a visitor, Mr. Rahu, talked to me “your radiant smile is more important than your English pronunciation so keep continuing practicing meditation and cultivating your confidence.” I am grateful and thankful for your kind advice. I am getting better and better everyday. I am very happy that I am a part of MKMMA!!! Thank You to Mark Januszewski.

I am also very excited about a compass. I got one yesterday; it is a mini four-in-one – compass, whistle, thermometer, and magnify. It’s cute… I still would like to buy more, but just compass only. I intended to get more by tomorrow. I stopped wearing a watch more than 20 years ago, and I never felt that I miss the watch.… Until last Sunday after listening to Mark J. I felt motivated and tempted to wear a compass.  Happy Compass!!!


7 thoughts on “Week 6 –The Greatest of Love

  1. dbernstrom

    I can feel the loving energy in your post Nisa! You have made my morning a happy, loving morning to start the day! I love the heart in the almond skin! I also agree with Mr. Rahu. You have a loving radiant smile and anyone can feel the loving energy in it! I know you will have another loving Day!

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