Week 7 — Mental Diet


One of this week assignments is the 7 days mental diet – how to change my life within a week by Emmet Fox. The rule is to use the law of Substitution – replace every negative thought immediately with a positive thought. Begin at Day 1 each time it takes me more than 7 seconds to notice and replace the thought. Mark and Davene recommended that begin at Day 1 each time I have a negative thought…

A couple weeks ago I parked my car on the street opposite to the house. Unfortunately my car got hit by my landlady’s friend who came to attend a meeting at her house. I was asked to wait for half an hour and he would come to talk with me after the meeting. When I heard that my car was hit. I had no reaction and I felt neutral. After 30 minutes, I looked for him but I couldn’t find him. He left and I got a note instead. At that moment, I was extremely upset because he didn’t keep his promise. It was really a big deal for me regarding “ a promise” (my little girl said it). I called him and he didn’t respond to my phone. That’s big deal caused me more than half an hour to release it. The next morning I reviewed it and I talked to my little girl that she must let go of that big deal of promising. For me metal diet is part of my daily activities.   

Since Sunday I have been doing quite well, Monday, before I drove my car to the auto shop, I called the Enterprise regarding a rental car to pick me up. The Enterprise agent asked me to call her again once I arrived at the auto shop. At that moment I felt slightly impatient to listen to her explanation why she couldn’t send a driver to pick me up even though I had reserved for it… but I politely said to her “Thank You” and finished the conversation.

Up to this moment, I didn’t experience big negative issues/concerns except my remaining resistance of change. About a month ago, my right elbow got hurt and I couldn’t find how that happened. A couple weeks ago I read the book Heal your body written by Louise L. Hay. According to Louise, the elbow represents changing directions and accepting new experiences… It’s really true. I did work on my resistance, and I felt better. Somehow today I was careless and my elbow hit against the door. It might be a message to tell me that I still have some remaining resistance of change which I need to pay attention and let go of it.     

Never will I allow my soul to become complacent and satisfied, rather I will feed it with meditation and prayer.” (Mandino, Og (2011-01-05). The Greatest Salesman in the World, , p. 61-62)



8 thoughts on “Week 7 — Mental Diet

  1. dbernstrom

    I love reading your post Nisa, your love and honesty are a breath of fresh air and come through clearly in your posts and help me feel I am not alone on the journey here! Thank you Nisa you are in the flow!!! 🙂


  2. VirginiaPerl

    I’m wondering if I’ll ever get to seven days of the mental diet:) The most I’ve done is four days, and that was because I lived as a hermit those days. It’s easy when we’re alone. I loved your human post. Thanks for your candid thoughts on this program.


    1. Nisa Post author

      Wow Virginia, 4 days that was Excellent!! My most challenging is worry and fear which made me start over everyday. Thanks for your kind compiments.



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