Week 8 – A flamingo

I played ping pong with my friends last Saturday night four days ago, and I hurt my right foot. The X-Ray showed that the bone was fractured. I couldn’t put my weight on my right foot. When I stand I have to stand like a flamingo … ha ha a Flamingo

I did a review what was a hidden message regarding my foot injury. Definitely I had no plan to play ping pong on that day so I didn’t wear the right shoes. I felt tempted when I saw my friends played it.

The next day after coming back from seeing a doctor and listen to the MKMMA webinar, I wondered what was going on with me; I have followed the process closely and why I had a fear of moving forward. I love all the tools and techniques that I have learned from MKMMA. Somehow I was over stressed out and pushing myself too much, plus my impatience. I ended up that I was not be able to enjoy the process.  

I was referred to a Podiatrist, I talked to the doctor’s assistant twice Monday and yesterday; and I was told to wait for their call. Up to this moment I still haven’t heard from the doctor yet. I love holistic healing. Besides using a cold pad and my Qigong energy healing to eliminate pain and inflammation, I went to see an acupuncturist on Monday. Dr. Jean Yu did a marvellous work. My foot immediately become more flexible because my tendon was unblocked and I can easily move my foot up and down.  

Yesterday I received a Reiki healing from my awesome Reiki Master, Anne Denman. She made me feel confident that my foot heal up quickly. I am very grateful to receive Dr. Yu and Anne’s love and care.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to my big supporter, ElFrieda Blond who took me to the doctor and took good care of me, Denise Bailey for her first aid and loaning me crutches, Nancy Brown for providing me healing equipment, Mame Waughan for bring me fruits, all Qigong students for exercising with me this week and food, and Louise L. Hay for a great reminder message, “in my world, I am my own authority.”

I felt such a big relief, and I am still in Balance “a Flamingo posture”  for this week…ha ha..



9 thoughts on “Week 8 – A flamingo

  1. Nisa Post author

    Dear Biz, Thanks so much for your positive reminder message. I will see the doctor again on Dec 8th. My foot can’t wait to be on the ground again. Much Love!


  2. Dre Van R

    I hope it is all good news tomorrow at your appointment and once your foot is healed you will have to ‘flamingo’ on the other side to balance everything off 😀


    1. Nisa Post author

      Thanks so much! up to date, my foot is much better. I was off the crutches a week ago… and tomorrow I will have a 2nd X-Ray… and my foot is going to be happy that she can drive again…Hooray 🙂

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