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Week 5: Hmm, it’s challenging…


This week exercise is to practice “No Opinion”. I might be able to share my opinion If someone asks me “what is your opinion?” When I heard Mark J. assigned us this assignment on Sunday. I felt that this exercise would be easy for me because I love listening than talking. After the webinar, I attended my group meditation as usual. During the break, I had to laugh at myself once I caught myself giving my opinion about the ScareCrow festival in Cambria. The next day I was able to catch myself that I had the urge to share my opinion, and I chose to zip my mouth. There were several times a day I noticed that I had silent opinions… ha ha… This morning when I had a business meeting; and I had a debating in my head whether I needed to apply this “no opinion exercise” right now…. I have to give a credit to myself as well. There were several good moments I noticed that I did a good job with no opinions. It was fun to observe myself and it helped me cultivate my self-awareness. I love this exercise.

I even love more about the 7 laws of the mind because some of them like the law of forgiveness, substitution, and relaxation I have been practicing and made me feel that I am on the right track.

Finally I have finished my DMP after receiving kind support from my Master Guide – Thank you very much Carolynn Sokil!


Week 4 — Fun to observe

Listening is one of my good habits. I like listening to music, radio, and motivational audiobook and talk. Once I learned that Master Key Master Mind Alliance has provided audio to support the reading assignment. I listen to them everyday; and I like most is the week 3 audio which there is only one person voice. I felt Devene  Januszewski ’s voice is calm and soothing me, and I kept looking for the week 4 audio. Yesterday when I saw that the week 4 audio was available, I was so excited, and guess what? I didn’t hear the soothing voice. My ears was immediately shut down and I felt disappointed because I had the expectation that the week 4 would have been the same quality of voice that I like. Fortunate, I was able to eliminate my emotions with my favorite tool EFT Tapping right away. This morning I listened to the same week 4 audio again, and I gave myself “hi 5” because  I was able to focus on listening. There was no unpleasant thoughts interfere me. It was good lesson of letting go of expectation.

So far I like the assignment of 4 promising of giving and receiving, and spending 5 minutes to grieve and let go everyday. This afternoon, my friend and I attempted to help her mother who got stuck in the room where she was rearranging her furnitures, and one big cabinet blocked the door. Her mother is a strong woman and doesn’t like to ask for help. When we arrived.She was in an anger mode and rejected our offer to help her. She even yelled at us “go away”. We stepped back and let her cool down for a while. We then went back to the room again and talked to her with love. Finally she accepted our help. “I promise to give hope for joy, affluence, kindness and love, consciously with every encounter, regardless of the brevity.”

Last month I attended a meditation retreat leaded by a teacher named Steve Armstrong. Steve gave a Dhamma talk how to grieve effectively. I considered that this year is my cleansing year. In the past nine months there were many sad things happened to me one after one. I would like to take this moment to thank you to whoever gave me the opportunity to practice how to grief properly. It was difficult at that moment but after letting go, It was very beautiful and powerful. I felt stronger and nothing can shake my core. I want to thank a thousand times to my parents, teachers, and supporters who gave me a great foundation of love and confidence. I am learning and growing everyday.

Week 3 — Happy Raindrops

Yesterday around 1 pm the rain was pouring while I was driving home. It was big happy raindrops. I was very happy I began to hum, yell, and dance till I arrived home. When I work up this morning I discovered that it rained last night as well.

Thanks to the rain, even though I slept only 5 hours, this morning I awoke early as usual  with vitally and enthusiasm. I did my daily routine of exercise and meditation, and I immediately finished the third revision of my Dharma,    

This week I would like to give my special thanks to two persons: (1) Keren McRichmond, ACB,CL, contest chair at Toastmaster International District 33 — Division E Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contest, invited me to give an 2-3 minutes inspirational speech on last Saturday, the 10th; (2) Rachel Mendoza who recommended to me about Nelson Mandela. I was excited that I had an opportunity to practice my serene confidence in front of about 60 audiences. What kind of leader was Nelson Mandela?  Zelda la Grange, Nelson Mandela’s personal assistant for almost two decades who said Mandela’s exceptionalism was because “he inspired people to forgive, to reconcile, to be selfless and tolerant and to maintain dignity no matter what the circumstances.”

Last Sunday, Mark J suggested to us that we spend 5 minutes to grieve  and let go every day. I am fortunate to have loving parents, and I am always grateful that my parents had transmitted their powerful forgiveness patterns to me. Since 1995 I has experienced how to grieve effective, I noticed that my willingness to forgive myself and others would automatically happen instantly and effortlessly. It is similars to when I am laughing, my body automatically releases endorphin. I then feel happy and joyful; my confidence increases.

Even though reading is still challenging, I haven’t been able to read as fast as I wanted to, but I enjoy reading aloud. It helps me concentrate. I like to stand when I read out loud so I can express by make gestures to emphasize my emotions. I have fun with it.

Week 2 — Appreciation

It was a busy week. Finally, I was able to submit my revised Dharma to my Master Key Master Guide yesterday evening. After sitting in front of a computer for a long time, I felt a lot of tension on my neck and my head. I then gave myself a reward by walking to the beach. Surprisingly, there was nobody there, even though the Sunset  just was half an hour ago. But the beautiful light orange at the horizontal was still there. The ocean was slightly calm, the wave slowly hit to the shore. The breeze made me feel refresh. I took the opportunity to swing my arms, and then practiced saying out loud “I promise ….” I felt very good. I think I would like to do it again tomorrow and I will make sure that I would say it louder…  

This week I felt less overwhelmed than last week. The homework is still challenging. I wished I could read and write faster. So far I enjoyed reading the Scroll one.

Last year I had an intention to polish my English by reading out loud. Due to my procrastination, I only repeated my intention quietly (… I am reading out loud) once a day. I did practice reading out loud once in awhile. Amazingly, since last week I have been reading out loud daily, I am very happy with it. I was aware that many words I still pronounce them with my old pattern. I have the urge to correct and pronounce those words correctly. Due to the time constraint, I chose to practice only for some words. I still couldn’t give this practice into my high priority at this moment. I wished I could immediately download the correct IPA spell pronunciation patterns and replaced it in my memory. And I could activate my childhood speech ability to be able to imitate the same sounds instantly when I listen to the local speakers speak. Maybe I might need to add this intention into my practice.

Even though many times I am impatient with my English, I need to remind myself to stop criticizing myself. I must appreciate and give myself a credit that how far I have been improved and achieved without putting much effort into polishing my English. I would like to take this opportunity to express my since thanks to Cheryl Dougan who has taught me the basic of consonants and vowels sounds a few years ago.

I love and miss you, Cheryl!! Nisa

Week 1 — Couldn’t avoid anymore!

First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mike and Valerie Stewart for recommending MKMMA to me. I almost missed this opportunity because when Mike has sent me the link to listen to Mark’s three videos; somehow I couldn’t manage to get the right video. I met Mike and Valerie again on September 22nd. That night I came back home and listened to the three video and immediately paid my $1. And the next morning, I was stressed out because I received email said it was the last day of registration. I was afraid that I might have not been able to do and get all requirements before submitting the application.

I immediately ordered two copies of the books “The Greatest Salesman in the world”, and another copy on Kindle. I then went shopping in between my busy day to buy all required stuff the binders, color pencils, index cards. And I then did the color test, signed up for Twitter a/c… Finally, I was able to submit my application on Wednesday 23rd around 7 pm (PDT). After all I had to go for a walk to release my stress. The Sunset was spectacular; the sky was full of pink on that evening. I felt like it was a big reward for me; I began to smile and laugh – how fortunate for me to live in the Central Coast CA.

on the 27th, around 12:30 pm, I had a mix feeling of excitement and nervousness while I was waiting for the webinar began. The three hours of the webinar was very long, plus after hearing the homework — writing a blog, I was completely overwhelmed. I have been avoiding writing a blog for years. Since I was young, my essay subject was not motivating me at all. I don’t like writing and I don’t write my journal.

On the other hand, I have joined a new group of meditation on Sunday evening a week ago. I felt that it was perfect. Sunday seems to be my best day so far because I ride my bike in the morning, attend the webinar after lunch, and then practice meditation in the evening. Cool!       

Sunday night, I read the scroll one from my iPad, it took me forever because the screen is small and I couldn’t enlarge it, plus there were so many new words that I don’t know the meanings. But, I made it anyway. Yesterday I met Mike and Valerie again; Mike helped me set up Kindle on my laptop. A big thank to Mike again, last night I enjoyed reading the Scroll one.

I was able to finish my first draft of DMP and submit it yesterday.

Congratulations Nisa! This is my first blog…Hooray!!!